Do you sometimes feel there’s a broken record in your mind? Discomforting thoughts repeat in your head over and over causing troubles sleeping, eating or focusing on your work? This is a common state for many in this stressful world we live and work in. It’s called anxiety.

How anxiety affects your work?

Anxiety is a physical and emotional response to a perceived danger. It occurs due to a fear of unknown future events, based on our own scary predictions. It can impact anyone and isn’t always caused by some great occurrence. Often the little things pull the trigger. Anxiety will cause you feeling: scared, confused, distant. You will also experience some physical effects such are: pounding heart, sweating, stomach upset or dizziness, tiredness. In the workplace, these symptoms could translate into difficulty working with colleagues and clients, trouble concentrating, preoccupation over the fear instead of focusing on work.

How to overcome daily anxiety?

    • The easiest way is to avoid discomforting thoughts. Turn your mind into something that feels good. Take a break from your worry and watch a movie or a favorite show, watch funny videos on YouTube, listen to your favorite music.

    Surround yourself with happy and inspiring people. You will feel better if you speak to others about your anxiety. Even if you don’t have someone to talk to, there are lots of YouTube videos of people dealing with anxiety, and what they do with it. Knowing others face the same can sooth you.

    • Many find it beneficial to exercise or run since it’s easier to relax after such effort. Also, deep breathing is something that affects you, mentally and physically. Breathing helps you relax because of the slower heart pounding as a result. Likewise, breathing helps you clear your mind and find inner peace.

    • Completely disconnect from the rest of the world. Let others know you’re taking a time for yourself and unplug all communication devices – TV, phone, computer. You can take a long, relaxing bath to reduce tension in the body and increase mental clarity. Recharge yourself emotionally and physically.

Try different things and see what works best for you and always remember that you can control your thoughts. The fear causing your anxiety is nothing but a thought.

Have you tried some of these suggestions? Which of them worked best for you? Do you have some tips how to deal with the anxiety?